Events are opportunities to connect. We’ll help you seize them.

Global Conferences

We start with strategy and we don’t stop until we’ve found creative solutions for every phase of your event cycle. We collaborate closely with you to understand your business goals, budgets and vision, and help you develop all three. Our rigorous process lets no detail slip away while our extensive experience keeps the sailing smooth. And our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary means a meeting that leaves attendees and stakeholders equally impressed.

Incentive Programs

We refuse to accept off-the-rack ideas, itineraries or menus, instead curating one-of-a-kind experiences. We personalize every detail and allow attendees to make choices throughout the event. Our events immerse guests in the flavor and culture of the destination in ways they could never experience on their own. In short, we ensure attendees leave rewarded, recognized, and motivated to earn their way back next year.

Executive Experiences

Our executive experiences bring together the right people in the right space to advance business. We offer the taste-making expertise to align your company’s goals with incredible venues, world-renowned chefs, innovative menus and the perfectly curated guest list. At streamlinevents our executive events feel like a real privilege to attend, and they provide real ROI.

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We partner with you from the start to determine your goals and objectives. Only then do we decide on the elements to achieve them. Our accomplished team collaborates with you to define the strongest message, the right audience, the effective platforms and the most impactful ways to deliver. Because solid strategy delivers solid results.


Our staff includes experts in diverse areas from contract negotiations to creative solutions to technology. But we share one thing in common: a downright obsession with detail. We’ve developed rigorous processes that manage down to minutia. Because, in event planning, details are how we get you from “good job” to absolutely speechless.


Design is strategic communication that can motivate, educate, solve problems and entertain. We approach it the same way we approach every aspect of the event: what are your goals, and how can each brand instance, sign, e-communication, gift, and printed piece help you reach them. Our skilled creative team consistently develops high impact elements that make for unforgettable events.


Our highly experienced technology team creates a seamless experience for the attendee, from beginning to end. We simplify registration, collect and manage data and adjust in real time, all while driving engagement with apps, sites and social networks.

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