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Make a contribution to the community, which was a core value of the meeting.


Find a way to allow the greatest number of people to participate in a meaningful way.


We partnered with Habitat for Humanity in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans and ended up with so many attendees that we built not just a house, but a neighborhood.

With our client sponsoring the full price of two homes, enthusiasm was high. So high that twice the expected number of people signed up to participate. We worked with Habitat for Humanity to include 11 building sites on our day of service, accommodating 400 volunteers who took on projects from painting to plastering and pouring concrete.

In the end, the good times — and good vibes — did roll. Participants were able to serve and connect in the community, including meeting one of the future homeowners.

Enthusiastic client team gathers to start their CSR project.

Enthusiastic client team gathers to start their CSR project.

Client team starts raising the frame on a new house.

Client team starts raising the frame on a new house.

Like what you see? Let's connnect!


  • Attendees were encouraged to immerse themselves in the culture of their adopted city. Our walking route app helped people explore and engage in the community, and we set up registration hubs around the city as well.
  • At the convention center itself, three stages served up local music and regional chefs dished out NOLA favorites like étoufée, jambalaya in all the shellfish-free, gluten-free, dairy-free variations imaginable.
  • As the teams created new homes, local kids were given cameras to document the event and create their own art projects.


  • End-to-end event management
  • Strategic sourcing and contract negotiation
  • CSR program
  • Budget management & final reconciliation
  • Vendor selection and contracting
  • Food & beverage planning
  • Air travel & ground transportation
  • AV management
  • Registration and technology solutions
  • Website design & development
  • VIP management
  • Signage & creative development
  • On-site staffing