Tech Industry
Maui, Monte Carlo Where
150 Attendees

Personalized Dream Fulfillment

Incentive Programs


Reward and motivate top performers at the annual incentive trip. 


Rewarding 150 personalities is not easy. So instead of pre-packaged prizes and perks, we gave each guest a bespoke experience. 


Over two successive years, we partnered with our client to curate not just rewards, but memorable experiences. Two exceptional programs in two different countries offered attendees options from start to finish, guaranteeing that everyone went home happy. And it wasn’t just the gifts that were customized. Every event and activity was designed to convey the attendee’s elite status. 

Decide on your Ferrari for the afternoon.

The tropical evening comes alive with brilliant color and lighting.

The tropical evening comes alive with brilliant color and lighting.

Immersing guests in local culture.

Immersing guests in local culture.

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  • In Maui, welcome bags offered drink choices from wine to water to beer, each with thoughtfully paired snacks. At the welcome reception guests chose Maui Jim sunglasses and OluKai sandals, which were hand delivered to their rooms.
  • In Monte Carlo, guests selected flowers from a pop-up Flower Mart, which were made into custom bouquets and delivered in Biot glass vases. And on the final night the staff presented baskets of Hermès ties and scarves for guests’ selection.
  • In Monte Carlo, guests collected thrills in Ferrari, helicopter and catamaran rides. Shopping excursions, art gallery visits and wine tasting were all curated around a theme of local art history. Evening events ranged from a classically elegant Rothschild mansion to a contemporary Phillipe Starck designed venue.


  • Budget management & final reconciliation
  • Vendor selection & contracting
  • Housing/Room block management
  • Food & beverage planning
  • Air travel & ground transportation
  • Registration & technology solutions
  • VIP programs
  • Branding, swag, giveaways, collateral
  • On-site staffing
  • Evening & offsite events