Speaker Tips for Digital Events

Digital events require preparing speakers in a different way. After managing hundreds of speakers for digital events this year, we’ve compiled a list of key considerations for speakers to keep in mind.


If you can use a ring light, great! If not, face a window for free, soft, flattering lighting. Avoid sitting with your back to a window or light source.

No window in your office? Try pointing a desk light towards, but not directly at your face to minimize shadows.


Whether sitting or standing, be sure that your camera is at eye level and that your speaker notes are directly in front of you. Books are an easy way to help elevate your laptop.

While everyone loves a closeup, sit back a bit so that attendees can see your head and shoulders in the shot. Don’t forget to smile and look directly at the camera!


Feel free to use an external microphone or headphones with built in mics for a live event. However, if you are playing video in your presentation, it is best if you are not using headphones. Be mute mindful!

Limiting distracting noises is also key – close all other presentations, applications, and browser windows and disable notifications and sound effects.


Having the right atmosphere for digital meetings is all about keeping it simple. Simple backgrounds and neutral professional clothing avoiding loud colors and patterns keeps all focus on the speaker instead of their surroundings. Place your phone on silent and have water readily available to sip on.

General Tips
  • Rehearse so everyone understands show flow and moderator cues.
  • Pause to add impact and let the message resonate.
  • Stories are easier to remember than facts or figures.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Recording practice sessions is also helpful to see things you might want to change for the final presentation.
  • Moderators for chats and Q&A are essential to helping speakers field incoming questions and ensuring two-way communication.
What to Include in a Speaker Kit

Thinking of sending speaker kits for your next digital event? Consider including these items to help enhance your speaker’s presentation and experience.

  • Ring light
  • HD camera
  • Microphone
  • USB adapters
  • Pop up background
  • Speaker thank you gift