Tips to Customize Every Incentive Trip

Customizing incentive trips is challenging, but in a recent article for Connect, Annette Chinn offered several well-honed tips to make it easier to customize every trip — regardless of guest preferences, destination, budget or group size.

  • When honoring top performers, everything requires exceptional treatment. You strive to delight attendees at every turn. I encourage planners to personalize everything always, from the registration site to the final farewell.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re new to a destination or a frequent traveler there. It’s always good planning to develop a strong network of partners who know local regulations and understand all the nuances.
  • As planners, our job is to be sensitive to the culture of the destinations where we work. This eases our path.
  • It’s possible to customize experiences for large groups. Simply break large groups into more manageable sizes. Then curate unique, local experiences and bespoke agendas guests could never create on their own.

No matter if your incentive trip is huge, in unfamiliar territory or limited in funds. Leverage the power of customization. You’ll make guests feel pampered, rewarded and eager to earn their way back the following year.

To read the whole interview, visit Connect Corporate.

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