Logistical Excellence…With a Twist

Planning a global conference has always been a logistical dance. We know that focusing meticulous attention on details pays back in client ROI. As we apply our finely tuned planning skills from face-to-face events to digital conferences, we’re finding the same logistical approach applies—with some critical refinements. 

Our client’s digital event spans AMER, EMEA and APAC with two days of keynote speeches, breakout sessions and networking opportunities targeted to an anticipated 25,000+ attendees. Two days of content will be programmed as three separate events in one 72-hour time window as attendees come and go around the globe. As we plan for this event we’ve learned some important lessons. 

Be available online around the clock

Having three programs in one window inevitably leads to time conflicts, while important attendee experiences require rethinking. This event delivers live Q&A, launches a session scheduler for multiple time zones and allows attendees to register for sessions both in and outside their own time zones. We designed an off-hours experience for regional attendees. To ensure each program flows seamlessly, we are implementing a “Follow the Sun” work schedule, with staff available around the clock for the full 72 hours as each two-day program begins and ends. 

Have your presentations ready early

When presentations are pre-recorded for a digital format, timelines have to change and speaker presentations are needed three to four weeks prior to the event. To support our clients in the creation of pre-recorded content we’ve developed new processes for working with speakers, because it’s no longer possible for them to show up at the last minute with a PowerPoint deck on a USB drive. Now we focus on organizing and editing recordings, fixing sound and lighting issues, and helping the client keep the information interesting and timely. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Many speakers are facing a camera for the first time and don’t have access to the tools they need for a professional recording. Our client is coaching them in how to speak in front of a camera, and is providing mobile recording studios in parts of the United States for about 40 speakers. Those who are recording at home have been sent kits, with a light, a webcam, a mic and a USB.  

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