How to Combat Your Sourcing Woes

Looking for meeting space in 2023? Good luck! With this seller’s market, even 2024 is already feeling the compression. With demand outweighing availability, finding the right space, at the right time, at the right price is more challenging than in years past.

So how do we still make it work?

1. Early bird gets the worm

Easier said than done, we know! But the earlier you’re able to start sourcing for future years, the better! And the more options you’ll likely have.

2. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Get your ducks in a row – budget approval, agenda, room blocks, estimated attendee counts, whatever you can solidify early will help in sourcing space that will meet your needs.

3. “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein

With dates and space filling up fast, flexibility is key. In this market, you may need to consider alternate dates, destinations, or space requirements if you want to make your event work.

4. There’s no “I” in team

You can’t do it alone – prepare your internal decision-makers for a quick approval process to adapt to the quickly changing market. Availability won’t last long!

5. Move at the speed of light

These days, it’s a race to the contract. Venues are less inclined to offer long holds, if they offer holds at all. Once you find what you’ve been looking for, you’ve got to move quickly, or risk losing it. 

If you’re looking for help sourcing your future meetings and events, look no further. Our team of sourcing pros are ready to help you find the perfect space for your next meeting or event.