5 Things to Consider Before Shifting Your In-Person Event to Digital

We are SO ready to meet face-to-face, but sometimes, there are unexpected circumstances that require us to consider whether to adjust the in-person portion of an event. Before you make that call for your next in person event, consider these five things. 

1. Go/No Go Matrix

Does the current situation warrant a change based on the matrix parameters? How many geographic regions are affected?  What are your critical decision points?

2. Finances

Compare all scenarios to consider the financial implications of a change from all angles. With many vendors no longer considering the pandemic to be a force majeure event, cancellation fees may make it unfeasible to fully cancel the in-person portion of your event.

3. Adjust vs Cancel

Is fully cancelling the in-person portion of your event necessary or is there a way to scale back to align with reduced attendance expected from the current circumstances? Or, would postponing, even just a few months, help the situation improve? Additionally, revisit your COVID protocols. Would adding on-site testing and a strong safety and wellness protocol provide the added security and peace of mind for both attendees and the conference host to proceed with the in-person program?

4. Timeline

If you’re already past your go/no go date, consider the current timeline. Would you be able to convert to a fully digital event within the remaining time? Or would you need to push the date to allow you to give your attendees a better digital experience?

5. Industry Happenings

Consider what other conferences and events are doing. Did they move ahead in person? What safety protocols did they have in place? How was their attendance? Any learnings you can apply to your event?

As you start planning your next event, let us be your trusted consultant and partner in navigating your return to meeting face-to-face.