Rapid On-Site Testing for Meetings

Streamlinevents recently hosted an industry Brainshare centered around on-site rapid COVID testing and how we implemented it for two recent face-to-face meetings. Joining us in the discussion was Vice President of InHouse Physicians, Patrick Gahagan, who walked through current procedures and on-site testing options.

InHouse Physicians

InHouse Physicians provides on-site health solutions globally and currently offers three testing options: On-Site Rapid Testing, @Home Nasal Testing, and @Home Saliva Testing. On-site rapid is the best option for in-person events and is what we recently utilized when bringing groups together. Each test takes approximately 15 minutes plus cleaning time, so 3.5 – 4 tests can be done per machine, per hour.

Daily health screenings are made easy through InHouse Physician’s mobile app which sends a link to attendees each morning. Attendees are required to answer daily COVID screening questions in order to receive a pass to attend the event each day. If attendees do not pass the daily screening, they are scheduled for a call with a physician to assess further. The physician approves them for entrance to the event or sends them to the on-site team for in-person testing. Daily temperature checks are also a necessity before entering the meeting or event for attendees, staff, and speakers.

Brainshare Notes

One of the key topics was the importance of a strong communication plan. All communication must be fact-based, transparent, and clearly outline mandatory protocols designed to reduce risk so that attendees feel comfortable attending an event in person. Protocol and expectation communications should be sent to attendees, speakers, and staff multiple times prior to the event.

Additionally, there was discussion of remaining vigilant with masks and social distancing 24/7, especially during any planned networking and evening functions. One of the ways we tried to limit lines at the coffee bar, was offering attendees the option to text their coffee order to our team who then delivered directly to their seat.

Face-to-Face Success

Streamlinevents recently managed two face-to-face programs that spanned three counties, three hotel brands and several sets of regulations. Through utilizing on-site rapid testing, we were able to create a bubble for our attendees who were given daily wristbands once their test came back negative each morning. Pulling these events together was a true collaboration with all parties involved. Everyone wanted to ensure that attendees had the utmost confidence that we were looking at all the protocols and ensuring a safe event. Learn more.