Second Tier Who?

Second tier cities often get a bad rap, but do they really deserve it? We certainly don’t think so!

We recently took a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah as part of a deeper dive into second tier cities as great program destinations. On this trip, we got a firsthand look at some amazing venues and reaffirmed our belief that we can bring top tier events to life in second tier cities.

What is a Second Tier City?

Second tier cities are considered “mid-sized” with populations under 1 million people, but with the same great amenities as first tier cities and typically at a lower overall price point.

Why Second Tier Cities?

So why should you consider a second tier city for your upcoming program?

  1. Compression demands it. With the current market, first tier cities have more limited availability so there is a real need to look at these destinations.
  2. Good air lift. Second tier cities typically have good air lift, but with smaller airports for easy in and out.
  3. Easy on the budget. Your dollars go a lot further as costs in second tier cities are often less than those in first tier cities.
  4. Make a big impact. By bringing your program to a second tier city, you can make a big impact on the area with an influx of business, as well as the potential for amazing CSR opportunities.
  5. Unique experiences. Second tier cities are becoming more popular and may provide a unique destination that your group hasn’t experienced before.
What’s Next?

Interested in learning more about why you should consider a second tier city for your next program? Let’s connect!