Evaluating Digital Platforms

Selecting the right platform is key to a successful digital event. We have researched over 30 digital platforms and counting. Here are our top criteria for evaluating digital platforms.


Ease of use, back end development and the ability to fully customize the experience are main factors to consider in selecting a platform. Also confirm the capabilities of customizing of layouts, branding, messaging, immersion and engagement.


Strong platform security is essential to ensure a platform aligns with both the client’s and our own security requirements. Examine platform integrations and general capabilities to confirm they meet the needs of the program.


Explore platform options for two-way communication, video capabilities, panel sessions, and networking. Consider engagement within digital tradeshows and exhibit halls such as opportunities for sponsors to engage with attendees via branding, digital booths and 1:1 conversations.


Review each platform’s built-in accessibility services such as closed captioning, simultaneous translation and scheduling for multiple time zones. When a platform does not offer such services directly, examine the ease in integrating other vendors that can provide them.

Additional Considerations

Prioritize what is a “must have” versus a “nice to have” as one program may not be able to meet all of your program’s needs. This will allow stacking of different platforms and technology to get the right formula if there is not a single platform solution available. Be prepared to provide a full scope of work as digital platforms often require more detailed agenda information further in advance than a traditional face-to-face event in order to give accurate pricing estimates.

Interested in learning more about digital platforms and what might be right for your next event? Let’s connect!