Mid-Year Client Panel

Twice yearly, streamlinevents brings our full team together for trainings, teambuilding and celebration. With the hybrid format for this year’s Mid-Year meeting, we hosted a virtual client panel led by Anne Gorman, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

Here are a few key takeaways our clients shared about working with streamlinevents.

  • Working with streamlinevents is a true partnership. They are an extension of our brand and understand our business and how we work.
  • One of the values of working with an agency partner is being able to leverage the collective experience from multiple clients.
  • We appreciate streamlinevents’ quick response time and ability to adapt and always think ahead.
  • Producing executive, high touch, custom experiences is something streamlinevents excels at. They know what their clients need and expect.
  • Streamlinevents always pushes the envelope to get more for their clients and find solutions with vendors to meet or exceed our expectations.

There’s always room for improvement so we also touched on a few things our clients want to see more of from us.

  • Keep them apprised of what’s new and creative within the industry and find ways to work it into their events.
  • Create a feedback cycle for events they manage – a central place where they can easily find feedback about the venues and vendors used for previous events.

Looking forward, our clients are eager to focus on face-to-face interactions and bringing people together, though they will continue to be mindful of the current climate in each region. The consensus was that it is even more challenging to shift back to live events than it was to switch to digital events, given all the varying rules, regulations, and comfort levels of attendees and executives. Given the uncertainty we still face, our clients anticipate some trial and error and expect to take things day by day as the situation evolves.