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Looking space in 2023? Good luck! Even 2024 is already feeling the compression. Finding the right space, at the right time, at the right price is more challenging than in years past.

The cost per event attendee has risen approximately 25% since 2019. When looking for additional budget for your next event, here are some specific data points to aid in making your case.

Second tier cities often get a bad rap, but do they really deserve it? We certainly don’t think so! Let's bring top tier events to life in second tier cities.

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Our level of service is unmatched. We deliver excellence in

  • Strategy and account management
  • Customer service
  • Event logistics, budget management, timeline management
  • Supplying accurate documentation and reports
  • Implementing best practices and service benchmarks

We measure success with clear and open communication — consistently asking questions and requesting feedback. Our debrief process evaluates performance and your satisfaction.